MANGES, THE: All Is Well: CD

Precisely what the Ramones would sound like if they were still putting out records today, and Italian. Manges have honed that ‘70s leather jacket and blue jeans brand of pop punk to the tee. Stripped down music with backing vocals, hand claps, and whoa-ohs to bob your head and tap your toes to. Most of the lyrics are more interesting and complex than songs from bands like the Riverdales and the Vibrators, though there are a few tracks that get repetitive real fast. “I Tried to Die Young” sticks out as my favorite song on the release. In it, they cover struggling with depression and keeping your head up even with the harsh shit life throws at you. That song includes lines like: “I took a razor to the wrist of reality / hell bent in my way to futility / I got a reason to believe that it won’t go on forever.” I’m a sucker for catchy rock and roll and the Manges are no exception. Even though many of the songs remind me of other bands I love dearly, they stay fresh and interesting. I think it’s their awesome accents, musically and vocally! 

 –Kayla Greet (Monster Zero / It’s Alive)