MANDROIDS, THE: Demo: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

Eleven songs of sci-fi-influenced punk out of Baltimore from a band that often dons homemade Mandroid suits when playing live, adding to the weird factor of the music. I don’t like describing bands as “fun” because it seems like something Aunt Martha would call the cover band she saw at the Elks lodge last night, but it fits here. I hope they tour out to Portland. They would fit in great with the garage rock bands here. Musically, they’re in the vein of 1977 style punk, but The Mummies and other bands of that ilk are unavoidable references mostly because of song titles like “Jet Pack Boys” and “Messy Face.” Keeping with the budget rock feel, the tape is a dubbed sixty-minute Maxell tape and the label is adhered with clear tape. A photocopied, one-sided insert with the contact info written in blue pen on the inside. I have a feeling these dudes aren’t in high school, but it looks like some of my eleventh grade handiwork. Impressive in its lack of detail. Impressive in music quality.

 –Adam Mullett (Hellicarrier, [email protected])

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