Manchild #5 : By Brian Walsby, 96 pgs. By Steve Hart

Jun 03, 2011

Corrosion of Conformity was always a mystery to me. I remember that Pushead wrote about them and I liked the Animosity record a lot, but other than that, I didn’t know a whole lot about the band. Because of this, when Brian Walsby wrote on his blog that Manchild #5 was going to feature the history of COC in the ‘80s, I was immediately interested. I’ve really enjoyed his previous issues. The way he recounts stories from the past is impeccable.

Manchild #5 fills in the history of COC with interviews featuring members of the band, various audience members, and band members from Honor Role and Ugly Americans amongst others, and is liberally peppered with Walsby’s comics of special events. He doesn’t stop with just COC’s history. He also tells the stories of other bands in the Raleigh area and includes great candid photos and live shots. Along with the previous issues of Manchild, I can’t recommend this highly enough. (Bifocal Media, PO Box 50106, Raleigh, NC, 27650-0106)

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