Manchild 2, The Second Coming: By Brian Walsby By Jimmy

Jan 16, 2007

You gotta love a book with a cover depicting Jesus stage diving, an image that perfectly encapsulates the mix of sacred and profane that make up its contents—biting commentary on personal life and punk society, depicted in another fine set of funny comics by the infamous Brian Walsby, a musician and artist whose scene cred runs longer than Demi Moore’s career. The bulk of this collection is from more recent years, but the wit and signature style he developed in the pages of Flipside and MRR back in the ‘80s, although more refined, is still readily apparent. We’re treated to more installments of “If Brian Walsby was Brian Wilson,” scattered tales of dealings with punk’s more “famous” purveyors, tributes to his favorite bands and heroes, and some serious skewering of “The Scene” and all of its ridiculous hypocrisies and contradictions, as well as more personal stuff about his life and living it in Raleigh. The super-serious and über-sensitive will, no doubt, find much to upset them—again what doesn’t get their panties in a bunch?—but those with a good sense of humor and don’t approach punk with a reverence that rivals the shroud of Turin will find stuff like “Most Heavy Metal Still Sucks” and “Desperate Times for the Peanuts” a hoot. I’m pretty sure I said it last time ’round, but Brian still has it going on, and I remain a fan. –Jimmy Alvarado (

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