Funny, that in the review cycle that I received another record that showed how average and bland that garage rock can be, that I receive another record that I hold the same opinion about. The problem here is a question about identity. Musically, it just seems so faceless. There are qualities that could be described, but not in a way to make them unique or special. I guess what it reminds me most of is the Reatards, but before they became listenable. The parts that are memorable are sometimes just repeated noises. Not high quality, but I wouldn’t completely count out the Manateees yet. It’s very possible their next LP could make me forget about this one completely. The pieces of a great band are in this record, but they’re just not on this record. Despite my complaining, proper kudos must be given to the band for writing a song as good as “Cold & Rhythmic.” That song is a beast. Grade: C+. 

 –Bryan Static (Pelican Pow Wow,