MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF: Consume... Be Silent... Die: CD

Jul 28, 2009

The music is about as subtle as the band's name and CD title. This is the sort of band that I would assume are all smart guys that have stupid fans. They have a message, but also mosh parts, and you can guess what is more appealing to some. A good diversity of styles and influences – I keep hearing little things that remind me of SOMETHING, but I can't quite put my finger on half of them. So far, I hear traces of Bad Brains circa I Against I, Circle Jerks circa Wonderful, some Agnostic Front and assorted bits of the better things Rollins has done. Hey, it's like a best-of late '80s punk/hardcore! Every member is credited with vocals, which explains the variety of styles. None of them exactly SING, but they all do more than just scream. The odd thing about this CD is that you can tell it is really well produced – like it has a cleanness to it, and it just seems louder than most CDs.

 –rich (Extremely Baked)

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