MAN & THE SMELLS / 2HITWODIE: Keep Up the Good Jerk / ReddyTooDie: Cassette

Sep 19, 2013

To this day, I’m not sure why cassettes aren’t just something we can all agree to peacefully let die. I mean come on, they had a good run! Let ‘em shuffle off to Obsolete Format Heaven in peace! That said, i do kind of miss the early ‘80s, when people would just tape whatever racket they felt like making that day, dub a few copies on a boombox, scrawl a name on the side of the cassette housing, and call it a “demo.” That appears to be pretty much the case with this doozy—Man & The Smells are a funky, sax-augmented unit who sound like a cross between James Brown and the Jerky Boys, whilst 2HiTwoDie just make a buncha noise ((we used to call that “industrial” music back before the goths and the guys in the black vinyl lederhosen stole it)) and sound like Metal Machine Music with mosh parts. Curiously, i enjoyed the whole thing. Today cassettes, tomorrow shellac-based 78s! BEST SONG: I refuse to go online to look up song titles. BEST SONG TITLE: op. cit. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “All 2HiTwoDie songs are randomly generated because ordered hierarchy is bullshit.”

 –norb (Tapes,