Man… Or Astro Man?: Time Bomb: DVD

Jul 16, 2007

Even though I own nothing by them, Man… or Astro-Man?, was a name that always held a place in my subconscious. After asking Todd about them one day, he pointed out that they covered the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme. “Holy shit!” I thought. MST 3K is one of the best things to ever emerge from television, so Man… or Astro Man? are already cool in my book for their contribution to a beloved childhood institution. This DVD features the aforementioned MST 3K theme and sixteen other songs played live at a show in Scotland in 1994. The video quality is basically camcorder, but it’s steady enough, and the sound quality is pretty good. One song randomly features some really shitty special effects too, but it only adds to the fun. The DVD is bare bones with the live show being the only feature on it. The music’s fun enough instrumental surf rock from outer space that reminds me of the more recent band the Phenomenauts, minus vocals. A lot of the instrumentals are interchangeable, for the more casual viewer like me, so this is the sort of thing that would have been more fun to be at in person. The band puts on an energetic performance though, and this is worth searching out for completists. –Adrian Salas (Cherry Red, Unit 3A, Long Island House, 1-4 Warple Way, London W3 ORG, UK)