Sep 23, 2009

This is some hardcore, crusty-styled punk that I thought was pretty nice. The vocals reminded me of Born/Dead a little—shouting, but not in a doom/death metal way. Like Born/Dead, there are three members in the band, although they apparently hail from Austin, Texas. The drums rarely verged into that boring, fast hardcore style (and seemed actually quite good), and there were some nice break downs and heavy rhythms. Reasonably furious, probably fun live. Lyrics seem political in style but they’re a little vague—this is not a bad thing, just means they’re not as easy to figure out as they might otherwise be. Pretty aggro, though. Nice photo of the band playing a show on the insert. The vinyl itself is wine—red colored split with gray—white. Good stuff.

 –Jennifer Federico (Inkblot, c/o Sam Sputo / Faith Laurel)