MAMA: Night Shoot: 2 x 7”EP

Jan 19, 2016

MAMA is from Chicago? Could’ve fooled me. This whole record reeks of Southern California. Yet another great band on the wave of punked-up ‘70s rock, but far from any clichés or cheesiness. Think Sheer Mag with a male vocalist, for a start. Maybe that’s what sets a lot of these bands apart from so many of their contemporaries in recent years—solid vocals. Gritty and catchy. Guitar licks, not solos (but lots of them. There’s a big difference between the two, you know). They have a record coming out a Hozac in the future, but I’m surprised Trouble In Mind hasn’t swooped them up yet, to be honest. “25 Forever” forever gives me a Jay Lindsey vibe, but the title track is clearly at the finish line. Glad I’m onto these guys.

 –Steve Adamyk (Automatic,