MALL’D TO DEATH: Collection Tape: Cassette

May 20, 2014

Collection Tape, my first hearing of Minnesotan pop punk dudes, Mall’d To Death, is a tape that jams all their previous EPs into a single release. The general feel is something poppier—there are pogo moments and jittery palm mutes aplenty—but you get the feeling Mall’d To Death have listened to everything under the punk sun, or at least everything at Treehouse Records. Remember Krang, the squealing tentacle creature in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the animated series? This is what happens when Krang escapes his robot suit, kidnaps Chris Hannah, and fronts Propagandhi. Or if Krang had a baby brother who followed global news, only ate Cheetos, loved the Suicide Machines, and wrote punk pun song titles like “Nervous Breakup” and “The Hymns Of J Church,” Mall’d To Death would be his band. Scrappy pop punk and more! And it’ll only cost you four bucks. What else do you want?   –Jim Joyce (Passion On Plastic,