Jan 19, 2016

Scorcher of a split! Male Patterns remind me a bit of World Burns To Death, but slightly more tuneful and less heavy and dark. The vocalist has a deep, throaty sound that adds weight to the charging music. Their two originals crank like a motherfucker. I wish they would have played one more original in place of the Showcase Showdown cover, as their sound is a hell of a lot better than the band they chose to cover. Also, I hope they write about more relevant topics on the next release, not how cheap punk is and cell phone zombies. Scuzz are more chaotic and sonically blistering. The guitar has a slightly blown-out quality, the vocalist sounds just as blasted, and the whole band sounds as though they’re about to spin out into a ditch. Hardcore punk that is relentless. Pretty damn good. Hope to hear more from both bands in 2016.

 –M.Avrg (Loud Punk,

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