MALE NURSES: Wanna Play Doctor?: 7”

Nov 27, 2012

Fast and chaotic punk rock here! Need I say more? I suppose, since I get paid one shiny American quarter per word, and I do need money. Lots of it. So I will get a little wordy about describing this record to you. Male Nurses have this chaotic and raw side in their sound that hits you first thing. But when you immerse yourself into the song, you discover among all the brash attitude, there’s a strong, tuneful something or other happening here. From the opening of “GI Jock,” with the bass scratching away, and the drums and guitars come crashing in, to the first pause and then it all breaking loose, you’re carried along a wave of sound that throws you around. But during the storm, you can hear the back vocals with some “whoa-oohhh”s and other things and it’s like, “Wait a minute. These miscreants actually have a almost melodic side to them.” Like the sirens calling you to shore, only to have your brains bashed out on the rocks, you could say. The title track has stop-go structure and parts where the song kind of falls apart, only to collect itself and get back into the mess. I like the siren guitar part, akin to early pre-suck (pre-Prison Bound) Social Distortion. Great single. I think we all need to hear more from these guys. I know I do.

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga,

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