MALE GAZE: Cliffs of Madness: 7”EP

I was able to catch Male Gaze live not too long ago, with the Useless Eaters in the Mission, and I’m glad I did. Loud, sweaty fun. Male Gaze is a trio consisting of members of BlastedCanyons, Mayyors, and The Mall. Any of those names ring a bell? This single offers up two songs: “Cliffs of Madness” and “One More Time.” Both tunes have a sound that reminds me a bit of the Terry Malts, with dark, broody melodies and similar warped Bowie-style vocals. Male Gaze has more of a raw fuzz and scuzz garage feel, though, in “Cliffs of Madness,” and some seriously beautiful psych-surf guitar that rides the melodies of the post-punk riffs in “One More Time.” 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Mt. St. Mtn.)