MALCONTENTS, THE: Liquor Store EP: 7"

Jul 10, 2009

From the cover – of a naked lady puking onto a target on the ground – I thought this'd be dirty, nasty, in-the-red garage. Wrong bongo. I usually crap all over pervasively mellow heartbreak songs and nail them to the "alternative adult contemporary" crucifix in my bathroom. Since I didn't bring any preconceived notions to The Malcontents, (unlike the Replacements, who once breathed fire, but at the very end of their career, became the Paul Westerburg Plink and Cry Ensemble) I like these songs. They're catchy, hummable, sound like slowed-down 'Mats songs, and are extremely hangover friendly. When I want to puss out with dignity, this'll be spinning.


 –todd (Skull)