MALASTARE: Self-titled: EP

Apr 29, 2016

Guadalajara’s Malastare play grim, uncompromising hardcore like Moxiebeat and Mexico’s Maladie. The vocals growl over the brooding guitars, and the pace ranges from driving to mid-tempo cacophony. This is my favorite kind of hardcore, where the rage is all-consuming and the noise is dense enough to chip your tooth. But they’re not a bunch of somber dudes, as Malastare is the name of a planet in Star Wars and the home of the Dug species, I think. When you head to their Bandcamp, you’ll be greeted by Chewbacca and the adorable gaze of an Ewok—the perfect accompaniment to crushing punk. 

 –Sean Arenas (Ethospine Noise, / Puercords /Dias Mas Oscuros / Exabrupto)

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