MALASSIS: Birds Like Bricks: CD

Jul 25, 2007

If the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings created and/or listened to rock music and Led Zeppelin wasn’t around, Malassis is the kind of thing they’d be into. Rock with acoustic guitar and the occasional flute (looks like Jethro Tull might have some competition), I can’t help but think that this music seems, well, exceptionally fruity (for lack of a better term). In much the same way that everyone thinks the Hobbits seem way too fraternal and cheery, Birds Like Bricks comes across much the same way. It’s good music, even catchy to a large degree, but I can’t help but see an alternate version of the world when I’m in high school, reading Lord of the Rings in my bedroom, smoking pot and Led Zeppelin doesn’t exist. I put on Malassis instead and feel like I can maybe understand the Hobbits a little better now.

 –kurt (