MALA VISTA: Self-titled: CDEP-R

Aug 09, 2009

Holy cow, this is pretty darn good. Stay with me on this – it’s a cross between Really Red (they’re from Texas, too, were hardcore, came out in the ‘80s, and weren’t scared to put their very smartly organized politics on their sleeves and weren’t afraid to fuck with punk’s structures) and Finding the Rhythms-era Hot Water Music (for the gruff, dueling vocals, the essence of speed, and creative, stealthy bass lines.) With that out of the way, I really enjoy the rawness of Mala Vista. The CD plays like a new circular saw blade – biting right through the task at hand, showering the listener with some familiar debris, and just creatively ripping the shit out of their instruments from the word go, until the CD stops spinning. Five cool, believable, honest, anti-establishment screams from the bars, gutters, and store clerk stations of Longview, TX.

 –todd (Mala Vista)

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