Aug 13, 2009

Mala Vista are one of those belligerently loud bands who have “old school” tattooed all over their tattered and torn hearts. A fiery raging passion for punkrock chaotically courses its way through their veins and violently roars outta their mouths and fingertips like a pack of rabid flesh-eating hellhounds unleashed upon the unsuspecting occupants of mainstream society’s everyday blandness. Mala Vista are primitive, primal, raw, rowdy, and anti-everything conventional. Their confrontational anarchic attitude is of the “we’re gonna riot in the streets and fuck things up” variant, and the mayhemic musical miscreance contained herein only reinforces the ballsy brazenness behind their insurgent rock’n’roll demeanor. I shit you not, kiddies, this is as aurally intimidating as the end of the world! Who needs Black Flag when there’s Mala Vista to lay waste to all of the inane corporate-produced drivel constantly polluting the public accessible airwaves this day and age?! Yep, the Vista boys are a sonically furious force not to be fucked with.

 –guest (Mala Vista)

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