MALA SANGRE: Self-titled: 7”

Aug 22, 2006

They’re one of the hardest working bands in the SoCal DIY crust movement at the moment. They are part of the latest wave of bands making a big noise on the scene. One of their shows that I have attended was the second of three shows they were to play that day at three different venues. That is dedication and love. They are willing to set up backyard shows for themselves and friends or play any club that will have them. They are not sitting back on their butts and waiting for other people to do things for them. Self-releasing their debut 7” was more in line with their work ethic. The covers were hand silk-screened on cloth. That is a nice touch, making it stand out from all the boring black and white xeroxed covers that are out there. Musically, they are a powerful band that were able to take their live sound to tape. They play a mixture of crust with the hints of d-beat. Singer Guss belts out some mean screaming backed up by a tight, well-rehearsed band that play songs which are dark, metal tinged, and are hammered out with a strong display of energy. I can’t wait to hear what comes out of them in the future. Their progression and the progression of others will continually keep SoCal on the punk map.

 –don (self-released)