MALA IN SE: Self-titled: CD

Jul 14, 2011

These kids plant their flag in a lotta terra simultaneously—metal, noise rock, hardcore, ambient soundscapes, and just straight-up noise—and end up releasing one doozy of a listen. There’s precious little here that could be described as “melody” and the going’s pretty much a full-bore assault on one’s hearing with nary a letup in sight. That said, underneath all the skronk and slam-banging can be heard a lot of texturing and layering of sound and the utilization of a wide variety of instrumentation, sampling and such by folks who clearly know their way around what they’re plunking on. The results show a bit more sophistication than the average pack of assholes with little more than a yen to damage some eardrums. Far from easy listening, those who can manage to hold on tight and weather the ride will find the effort worthwhile.

 –jimmy (Phratry)