MAKEOUTS: In a Strange Land: LP

Nov 30, 2010

The enclosed press bio states that this band started out as mere Rip Offs clones—which i think i might vaguely recollect—but have now honed their craft into some kind of marginally more highbrow garage/pop/punk blend, influenced by Nuggets and Back From The Grave and King Khan and so on and so forth. And, while i guess i can see that—kinda—i’m still feeling a bit of a credibility gap between “showing their new sophisticated influences” and “doing something really noteworthy with their new sophisticated influences.” I mean, yeah, there is a Nuggets-like tambourine-boinker or two on here, and there is a definite nod to a sort of BBQ/King Khan-esque candy-ass doo-wop thing going on in places, but their best songs are still the Rip Off Records clones, circa 2000 ((or at least their songs where they sound like the Kidnappers, minus the cool logo)). I do enjoy the European garage-pop FULL BLAST MONOTONE singing voice, though. It fills me with great respect for their currency. Their next album may or may not be great. Bet the farm on it! BEST SONG: “Never Let You Go” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sound of Crime” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Chicks dig the fully-printed inner sleeves. Well, i do, anyway.

 –norb (Bachelor)

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