MAKEOUT PARTY, THEE: Play Pretend: Cassette

Mar 03, 2009

I found this tape under a reclining chair in my apartment. That means one of two things: Either my chair has taken a liking to jangly, garage pop music or it was sent to me for review and somehow got kicked out of sight. I tend to favor the first theory. You see, this particular reclining chair has been confined to the computer room, where it doesn’t get much attention. That’s a big change for it. Not too long ago, it lapped up the sunshine that poured through the big glass patio door into the living room of my Grandma’s assisted living apartment. It was surrounded by all sorts of other friendly furniture, busy making visitors comfortable. When my Grandma passed away, furniture was dispersed through the family. Now this recliner sits alone most days. It probably needed something to make it smile. I think it picked the right cassette for the job.

 –mp (Burger)