Nov 04, 2008

It’s extremely difficult to walk the fine line between, say, bands like the Shoes or the Raspberries and bands that are total eighties pop crap. I mean, both of those bands even often sound like lame eighties crap! Fortunately, Thee Makeout Party avoids these pitfalls for the most part, although the last song indicates a dangerous possibility that they could fall victim to such blunders. In a rare departure from my usual reviews, I will even tell you (sort of) what they sound like! Take one cup Shoes, a half cup of Plimsouls, two tablespoons bubblegum pop (à la Ohio Express, et. al), stir gently, and then, um, pour some plastic junk into a circular shape! Plus, they don’t look like hipsters! They look like total dorks! Hooray! If this were a cereal, it’d be Froot Loops! Sugary yumminess! 

 –maddy (Teenacide)

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