MAKEOUT PARTY, THEE: Jungle Cruise: 7”

Jun 06, 2014

Sunshine pop-inspired bubble gum from the boys behind Burger Records. Cutely, the 7” includes a package of crayons for you to color in the black and white sleeve that depicts the “Jungle Cruise” sung about in the title track. The tune is a touch too cutesy for my tastes, sounding a bit like the theme song to a ‘60s Hanna-Barbara cartoon. Though, the vocals spoken over the psychedelic pop do also bring to mind Alice Cooper’s “Alma Mater.” The B-side, “Bittersweet Bubblegum,” is much more lush and—despite its name—is for, perhaps, more grown-up tastes than its counterpart on the flip side. Bright, ringing guitar chords balanced with single note picking and a brooding bass that begins quite cheerfully before building to crescendo. It’s more in line with the Velvets than the Archies. 

 –Jeff Proctor (Bachelor)