Jul 02, 2009

Here’s the first installment of the Fuck Your Scene,Kid series from Kranium (who are off to a great start—four releases so far, and all of ‘em great). Makabert Fynd slam out three absolute ragers that are heavy, fast, and urgent. It’s a noisy affair, with thrashy tempos giving way to mid-paced breaks, before throwing themselves back into the sonic storm. They remind me of early DS-13, when that band first came out and had something to prove. Makabert Fynd, so far, are a great band, which I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of soon. Nice Idiot are ripping hardcore that sounds like a mix Y2K thrash meets the Zero Boys and The Freeze. Really hyper and urgent with quick tempo changes, a feeling of looseness, everything teetering on coming apart, and vocals that bounce back and forth between shouting and talking. Seek this one out and don’t stop until you have it.

 –M.Avrg (Kranium,