MAJOR CONFLICT: Sounds Like 1983: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Mixed bag—what we’ve got is one of those completist CDs that compiles a long-forgotten band’s limited vinyl output, along with various outtakes, unreleased tracks, and live stuff. Reminds me somewhat of the discs Grand Theft Audio was putting out a few years ago—finding fallen-by-the-wayside bands, long forgotten, and releasing stuff that had seen a limited-as-shit release run even back when it originally came out. So, Major Conflict was a NY hardcore band that was around for a short time in ‘82-’83; they apparently released one 7” and played a bunch of shows. They’ve got a few songs on here, like “Still Far Away” and “Stand by Your Guns,” that are just straight forward, honest, and catchy punk stuff that sounds eerily like early Sham 69 minus the accents, if you can believe that. Just really solid, melodic, and tough songs. Unfortunately, there’s only four or five songs like that. The rest of their studio stuff is taken up by their attempts at sounding like Agnostic Front, despite their less than stellar equipment and recordings, and the live stuff is pretty much ineffectual, either due to its poor sound quality or the band’s tendency for guitar wankery or slow, echo-filled dirges that go on for way too long. But for those people that were around then and want to meander back down memory lane for a bit, or those interested in checking out a page of New York punk history, grab this up.

 –keith (Mad At The World)