MAJOR ACCIDENT: A Clockwork Legion: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Album number two saw a shortening of their name to “Accident” (as evidenced by the cover art), the infusion of more melody into their sound, and considerably more sophistication in the actual writing of the songs is apparent. Funny, but as I listen to this I can’t help but see how reliant on some stereotypical “oi” template so many of the new breed bands are. These guys were obviously influenced by the whole “street punk” thing as much as anybody else, but you’d be hard pressed to find a tune about getting pissed, fighting and blindly waving a flag, let alone a whole album dedicated to those subjects. This isn’t some wistful “things were so much better than” comment, mind you, just an observation that maybe a broadening of horizons and little more thought being put into what’s being done now might not be such a bad idea. This? It still fuckin’ rocks, of course.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)

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