MAIN, THE: To the Grave b/w Kiss of Death: 7"

Jul 10, 2009

Headed by Spencer, formerly of Shattered Faith, I was very apprehensive about The Main, mostly due to seeing the previous incarnation, 4-Bolt Main. Yeowch, that was a hard-to-watch nightmare. I just remember such a high degree of wanking that eight beers into it, I just wanted the bad men to stop, put down their instruments, and get run over in the parking lot. Not the Main. It's stripped down, straight-ahead catchy punk that's got a lot of the best aspects of Shattered Faith: crackling guitars, real chanty parts, and the best part, songs that get to the point, pound, and get out. It's nice to hearken back to the feelings I got when I first heard China White and the Klan, but it's even better to hear the echoes of the past get injected with new adrenaline, lead by someone who really knows how to plug it. Very surprising. Did I mention Hostage's packaging is fucking amazing? Mine even came with a spider in the spindle hole.


 –todd (Hostage)