MAIDEN MARS: The Other Side: CD

Nov 02, 2015

This band smells like Girlvana. Not completely, but the first twenty seconds of the opening track is heavily reminiscent of the teenage grunge hit and then they divulge into their own sound. Like a set of unbrushed teeth, the majority of the guitar work is dirty, fuzzy, and biting. When combined with the layered vocal melodies from these two ladies, it comes off as a new generation of The Breeders. Maiden Mars has Kate Kane from Lipstick Homicide on drums, proving that she’s as well-versed on the strings as she is on the sticks. A lot of the tracks bounce between dual vocalists coercing in pitch-perfect harmonies and a varied sound collage of highs and lows. These women have a great deal of range that shines brightly over the alt-rock grunginess, which is both refreshing and extremely interesting to hear.

 –Kayla Greet (Bloated Kat,

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