MAHONIES, THE: Hey We Got Coneys. It’s Great, Let’s Dig In!: 7”

Mar 03, 2009

Man, lots of stuff going on here. Eight-song 7”, but not a D.R.I. explosion here. More of a spastic, fucked-up couple of guys (I heard ex-members of the great Terrible Twos) making noisy rock that is influenced by in-jokes and music we probably never heard of. Great shit. Spastic in a fun way, catchy moments of dirty fuzzy sounds, some weird timing, actual lyrics—but again, in-jokes or their own language, although it’s much easier on the senses than The Hospitals (whom I love). There is a definite blast of creativity and energy in The Mahonies that other bands could learn from. It’s one thing to sound convulsive and different than the usual garage psychosis, and another thing to really pull it off in a compelling way. Kickass record.

 –mike (X!)