MAGUMA TAISHI: Self-titled: 7”

Sep 18, 2013

If Bloodbath And Beyond is a burrito… gah, I can’t do it. Magauma Taishi features Hideo and Matthew of Birthday Suits, Mike Park of Asian Man Records, and Paddy Costello (who named the Strike record, Conscience Left to Struggle with Pockets Full of Rust, also in the Arrivals and D4). I like the idea of Mike Blind Shake recording them, too. But, really, it sounds like someone else is in charge of the remote on a TV tuned to a language I can’t understand. When things get interesting—“that Orca’s gonna fuck up that seal…”—onto the next song. This took only three hours to record and it sounds like it. I wish they fleshed it out, spent an entire weekend, perhaps a little preplanning. So, in summation: Melt Banana cutting off Cleveland Bound Death Sentence mid-sentence? A pop punk-leaning Merzbow? I’m just grabbing at straws now.

 –todd (Asian Man)