Nov 22, 2009

I have to admit I was surprised how good this was. Live, they are awesome, but the bits and pieces I have heard of their recorded output did not leave a lasting impression. This one slams you with an aural blast that is hard to ignore. The production values on this remind me of the latest Trap Them or Rotten Sound records that I got recently. You would never guess this band plays minus a bass player, based on this recording and live. The music is full, deep, and crisp with stop-on-a-dime pauses and full-bore speed. When they slow things down, they make the mood ugly, but still maintain their intensity. Switching back and forth from grindcore and thrash, the music is dizzying. As an added bonus, they mix it up on some tracks with hip hop beats and samples to expand their sound outside of the box. I’m really happy that this created a new hole from the beating I got.

 –don (Willowtip)