Jul 23, 2012

I forced myself years back to abstain from using the word “classic” in describing a record. I’ve slipped a few times here and there, but I made damn sure that the record in question had a good chance of standing the test of time: did it contribute to the genre? Did it do this, did it do that? A whole battery of tests are now applied before I bring that “c” word descriptive out of my safety deposit box. Well, I’m pulling that word, classic, out and waving it around for this record. This is what grindcore should be. Full-on wall of distortion, chaos running wild, and intense as it fucking gets. The playing is super tight and they hit hard and fast every song. “Cognition” on the B side is their longest song and they shift back and forth from pummeling tempos to something a bit more spacious and pensive. They nearly tread into sludge but smartly opt to keep it just this side of it. The piece at the end of “Heaviest Bombing” reminds me of WestBay hardcore/ powerviolence/ grindcore like Plutocracy, and No Less. Not one bad song on this record. I predict that in the next ten years some middle-aged dude will be on some elite message board and start some thread about how awesome this record is, followed by a bunch of posts agreeing, until some weed who forgot his depression meds chimes in that his turd grind band was superior, shifting the discussion in another direction. But until that day, crank this fucker up nice and loud.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie,