May 01, 2012

The thing with the current crop of bands doing the anthemic, “street punk”-influenced stuff is that too many of them are either pale Xerox imitations of marginally better Xerox bands, working with not particularly good songs to begin with, or are just plain lunkheaded punters whose life experience doesn’t appear to exist beyond heavy drinking and a suspiciously reactionary worldview. Not so with The Magnificent, Bad Lucky is ten snappy, catchy tunes that can easily work the most stubborn audience into a fervor. Tempering all the toe-tappin’ and fist-pumpin’, however, is the same wistfulness that permeates the best work of bands like Leatherface and the Clash (neither of which they sound like) and intelligent lyrics that seem more interested in trying to understand life’s pitfalls than just drinking them away.

 –jimmy (Dirt Cult)

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