MAGNETIX: Drogue Electrique: CD

Mar 27, 2012

I want to like this more, but it’s a pretty mixed bag. When they’re on, they’re really on, but then they have some clunkers that drag the whole thing down. The title track, “Greenlight,” is some heavy and a bit fuzzed-out garage punk that sounds like it could have easily been the soundtrack to 1968 horror / sci-fi film The Green Slime. Keyboards provide the otherworldly effect. The guitars are spacey and surfy. The low end is fuzzy and akin to seeing alien tentacles grasping in all directions. Then there’s the instrumental, “Darktide,” that sounds like a lost track from David Lynch’s movie Wild at Heart, but they lose steam with songs like “I Drink (But My Guitar Doesn’t), “Spider in the Corner,” and that noise stuff tacked on at the end should have been left off. Trim the excess and this would be a really good album.

 –M.Avrg (Slovenly,

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