MAGNETIC IV: Tarantula!: 7" with glow-in-the-dark sleeve and fridge magnet

Jul 28, 2009

This caught me off guard in a good way. It's surfy (ala Ventures) female-fronted breathy-to-screaming garage punk (think somewhere between the Loudmouths and Sado Nation). I like the watery, warbley feel that the guitar gives it, teetering the songs like a mildewing shack on the edge of the ocean, about to crash onto the rocks below. But, overall, it didn't completely light my ears on fire. I think it's because the songs lock into grooves too soon and the band doesn't know if they should be brazen fire breathers (as the urgent vocals suggest) or new traditionalists (as the straight ahead reverb insists) and the overall impact lessens when parts of their songs repeat. To their credit, they hotfoot through a cover of The Sonics' "Strychnine," almost on par with The Cramps' take on the classic. Pretty cool, and I'll look forward to more releases, but this isn't essential.

 –todd (Tear It Up)

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