MAGIC SHADOWS: “Sunburned Mind” b/w “Under the Stairs”: 7"

May 17, 2013

So I just get Canadian stuff because I’m English and you Yanks think we’re the same. Whatever dudes, I’m the winner this month. Sometimes just a couple of short songs tell a lot about the people who made them. It’s clear these guys are audiophiles, not so much in the sound they make but what has gone into the sound they make. There’s something from every decade—’60s pop, ‘70s psych, ‘80s shoegaze—and some of the more recent fuzzed-out bands like the Oh Sees or Ty Segall. It sounds like these fellas have spent the snowing winters up there hunched over dusty 45s for the past few years. There’s just a couple of drums which give it a tribal drive, and combined with the shimmer and fuzz, the music has a dreamy feel. Don’t get me wrong, this has plenty of bite and can fit snugly in your punk collection. It’s thought out, well crafted, and has plenty of hooks. For a sweeping statement, this is something I could see a label like Trouble In Mind getting involved in.

 –Tim Brooks (Magic Shadows, [email protected])