MAGGOTS, THE: Nobody Loves the Hulk b/w Take it Off: 7"

Jun 20, 2007

The a-side is a lost ‘60s nugget that i’ve never actually heard, but have been aware of for quite some time because i’d seen the little text ads the band took out pimping the record in the Marvel Comics of the day. For whatever reason, i always assumed the song would be more of a novelty thing (a la the Merry Marvel Marching Society theme song) (face front!); it’s actually a lot more psychedelic/Electric Prunes-y than i imagined—lotsa minor chords and organ. The b-side is a Peter Gunn-styled frat-rocker, with “Take It Off” the sole concession to verbiage. I think the only abiding reason for you to get this record is if you’re a big comic book nerd and don’t (or, come to think of it, do) own the original, as the sleeve seems to faithfully emulate the Real Deal. Sheesh! BEST SONG: “Take It Off” BEST SONG TITLE: “Nobody Loves the Hulk!” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: On gamma-ray green vinyl, so you gotta wonder if the first one was one grey.

 –norb (Bootleg Booze)