MAGGOTS, THE: Let's Go in '69 b/w 50 Gallon Bladder: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

Not to be confused with the highbrow lot who brought you "Tammy Wynette," this crew is full-blooded Swedish garage rockers who enjoy adorning their record sleeves with Mopar™ products and exciting toy race tracks. And, while this does issue them a certain, shall we say, "baggage claim" in this day and age, they deftly spin Cheerios™ on any perceived shortcomings-in-waiting by recording with astounding ferocity and "absolutely no overdubs!" – meaning that not only can they rock your Groove umlaut like the Von Zippers covering the Flamin' Groovies covering Chuck Berry's "Let Me Rock," but they can also make you think of the Urinals' "Go Away Girl"/"Sex" recording session while doing it. LOOK, MOM! GUILT-FREE SWEDISH MOPAR™-ROCK! A-side's a corker, b-side is more rockabilly-esque, yet still endearing – if only because the guitar solo is oddly reminiscent of that in "Mule Skinner Blues" by the Fendermen, of which i am quite fond. I'm gettin' the album. BEST SONG: "Let's Go in '69" BEST SONG TITLE: "50 Gallon Bladder" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: One of the Fendermen looked at my Ibanez Iceman when i brought it into his son's music store and said it was cool.

 –norb (Gearhead)