MAGGOTS, THE: Do the Maggot!: CD

Aug 26, 2009

If you are a fan of ‘60s garage punk, you need to check out the bands on Sweden’s Low Impact Records. I have heard great bands from that label, like The Strollers, Sewergrooves and The Skreppers. This band is no exception. I received a 7” of this band for review awhile back and I definitely decided it was a keeper. I feel the same way about this release. It has that garage sound with snotty energy of punk but rock is the focus here. The thing that makes this even more special is that it sounds like it was recorded in the ‘60s. It would fool many on first listen if this was on a record playing with the pops and ticks in the background. I don’t know how big they are in Sweden, but I would think they would be popular here. The music is dead on and very easily consumed in these ears. Rock on, my brother and sisters!

 –don (Low Impact)