Jan 11, 2011

Still life with a three-quarters empty Jameson bottle. The yin-yang of Madison Bloodbath is the mess of Matt, the main singer, and the not-as-obvious proficiency of the rest of the band. Because if Matt wasn’t a mess, it’d be too slick. If the band wasn’t composed of skilled musicianship, it’d be a hot mess. The country flavoring is more like fingerprints or the taste from an oak barrel than a hayseed, getting kicked by a mule in a bandana Hee Haw parody. That works, also. Plug that into the Lookout Records amp sitting in the corner and play. Calvinball: This English band’s first song sounds like the vocalist is mostly reading the lyrics over the music. Sometimes, the entire band joins in, and that’s the most like singing. He sounds pretty grumpy, disaffected, and defeated. The second song is more singy. Reminds me of a straight-ahead, more workman version of No Choice: poppy English punk with melodies, a gruff voice, and up-high guitar parts. Improves with repeat visits. This is the fifth installment of pairings of English and American punk bands. A great idea.

 –todd (All In Vinyl)