MADCAPS, THE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 02, 2015

A nice dose of ‘60s garage rock’n’roll by way of modern day France! Early Kinks and Stones are the touchstones here, along with (I’m sure) a number of other Nuggets-type bands that I’m unfamiliar with. This LP is a really enjoyable listen for someone like myself who loves those aforementioned bands but generally thinks that modern garage rock focuses way too much on fuzz and fashion rather than songs. The Madcaps have packed an LP full of great rock’n’roll songs, memorable and worth replaying on a cold night indoors, a lazy Sunday afternoon, or at a Friday night dance party. This LP will fit in nicely alongside the half-century old classics these guys obviously love. Despite the ill-advised flute-type

thing on the first song (almost lost me there guys!), I’m stoked to have this in my collection, literally filed in the rock’n’roll section between Th’ Losin’ Streaks and The MC5.   –Chad Williams (Howlin’ Bandana,, [email protected] / Beast,