These Czech punks prove the theory that bands benefit from having one member who is a not-so-secret metalhead. The hesher will have stronger musical chops, but be prevented from utter wankery by the comparatively low skill level of his bandmates. In the case of Mad Pigs, the undercover headbanger is the guitarist, whose melodic leads add a triumphant Iron Maiden/Burton-era Metallica feel to the band’s anthemic hardcore punk. Their formula is one that gets monotonous after half an LP, but if I ever star in a war movie, I’d like to have one of their songs, maybe “Tohle Je Brno, Ne L.A.,” playing during a scene where I jump out of a chopper. The gatefold sleeve boasts silver embossed lettering and a tattoo-style drawing of the grim reaper welcoming you to a post-apocalyptic urban graveyard. Maybe the guitarist drew it?

 –CT Terry (Voltage)