MAD PARADE: The Fool: 7”

Jul 21, 2015

Over a career that spans across four decades, these San GabrielValley punk stalwarts have stuffed six full-lengths and numerous singles and EPs with consistently tasty tunes that meld the best of early U.K. punk with the melodic sensibilities of the best of early L.A. punk. This single, one of two Mad Parade singles Hostage released this year, adds no shame to their game: two monster tunes rife with the kind of hooks they seem to toss out with an ease that one can’t help but envy, served up with that kind of fist-pumping, bounce-off-the-walls abandon that’ll get even old fucks like me singing along in wild abandon. A double-hit slab o’ gold if ever there was one, and if that ain’t enough, they’ve included a download card that adds a bunch of unreleased, career-spanning demos to sweeten an already generous deal. As with most of Hostage’s catalogue, the pressing is muy limited, but best believe the search is well worth the effort. 

 –jimmy (Hostage)

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