MAD JUANA: Acoustic Voodoo: CD

Jul 25, 2007

This band contains one of the dudes from Hanoi Rocks (the one who replaced a dead New York Doll) and about seven other people. It’s got a “world music” feel to it—the kind of stuff Joe Strummer was doing after the demons of the Clash left him. The difference between Joe Strummer and Mad Juana: oodles of erudition with the former, cerebral bankruptcy with the latter. Even worse: Acoustic Voodoo contains a cover of “Venus in Furs,” which in Soviet Russia would’ve gotten these numbskulls thrown in the Gulag. (NOTE: Don’t ever cover a Velvets song unless you’re Peter Laughner. Additionally, NEVER cover a DRIFTERS SONG: BEN E. KING and CLYDE McPHATTER CAN NEVER BE TOPPED, MOTHERFUCKER; SO JUST DON’T DO IT! THAT INCLUDES YOU, JERRY LEE although your version of “SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME” is pretty good—just not DRIFTERS’ QUALITY.)

 –ryan (Azra)

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