MAD DADDYS: The Age of Asparagus: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Motherfuckin’ howdy-hooooo, this is a brawny, ballsy brain-rattler of a disc from beginning to end and back again! It’s pure rootin’-tootin’, rockin’ barroom burliness at its most decadent, debauched, and devilishly divine; all-at-once wicked, savage, and downright irreverent! Yeh buddy, the Mad Daddys aurally resemble an atomic-powered Big Bopper (electrically jolted back to life like Frankenstein’s monster!) ferociously frontin’ an untamed tribe of rampagin’ demonic heathen-child musicians. Or at the very least, they’re the flesh-and-blood embodiment of 100 tons of prime undiluted musical manliness! Damnit, why don’t more bands of this cacophonously crazed caliber exist?! I dunno, but I do know this much: the Mad Daddys have enthusiastically put the rock back into the roll! Thanks, fellas! And thank you, R.A.F.R., for releasin’ such aural rowdiness. And, most of all, thanks Ma for torturously givin’ birth to me so that my ears could one day have the supreme privilege of jubilantly listenin’ to this CD. Amen, and fuck the world!

 –guest (R.A.F.R.)

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