MACRONYMPHA: Cut Ups, Drones, and Other Weird: LP

Jan 11, 2011

Harsh noise gives me a headache. It’s all one circuit run through distortion and delay and set to run for C-10, C-20, C-45, whatever. The entire genre defies any sort of real explanation. But this actually makes sense to me. Macronympha side step the power electronics craze with actual noise (supposedly “metaljunk bashed against each other”) that is then sampled onto tape and looped with other similar samples. The stereo panning makes all the difference in the world to me, as the parts separate themselves in each ear and then converge in your brain like Robert Monroe’s Hemisynch series (terrible reference for anything music-based, I know). However awkward the sounds might be, they are somehow completely engaging. The samples for this record were recorded way back in 1993, but tracked specifically for this release this year in Alabama. If you’re going to check out one noise release in this whole craze going on now, side step all the black metal shit and pick this up instead.

 –Ian Wise (Premier Sang)