MACGYVER: Panthalassa: LP

May 17, 2013

I swear, PHR is becoming synonymous with stuff like this: sturdy, growling European punk with a fervent nod to eighties hardcore and post-punk. The label seems as consistent in their particular vision as, say, Fat Wreck or In The Red is in theirs; the bands aren’t derivative of each other, but there’s a definite similarity at work. Macgyver doesn’t really stray far from the handful of other bands I’ve heard from this label, but they don’t drop the ball either. Granted, I can’t understand a word, but there’s a nice sparking gallop in songs like “Osud” and “Slunovrat.” Structurally (and a bit vocally) the band’s akin to Noir Desir, but with a stronger punk backbone and flashes of bright guitar lines. Solid effort.

 –keith (PHR)