MACC LADS, THE: Live at Leeds (The Who?)/From Beer to Eternity: CD

Oct 02, 2008

So I have a bit of a soft spot for mind numbingly juvenile punk rock. I guess it goes without saying that I like The Macc Lads. Fun and stupid, yet rocking. This is a reissue of two LPs, the first of which is the live record. Never been a huge fan of live records, but this one sounds good and the banter is hilarious. The second disc is the From Beer to Eternity record, which has some good stuff on it, but never measured up to the likes of Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy. It looks like Cherry Red is reissuing all of their stuff in a double disc, two LP format. Worth grabbing unless you’re overly sensitive.

 –ty (Cherry Red)

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